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Working With Futons in Photography Modeling Sessions

A futon is one of the best and most versatile pieces of furniture you can have on hand for a photo shoot with models. Thanks to the diverse looks a futon can give, you can use it in many different ways to create innovative photos and draw attention to the products or models you want to showcase. The light and compact nature of a futon makes it easy to work with, even in a small space. With a little ingenuity and a small budget for extras like covers, you can use this one furniture piece to create everything you need.

One of the great advantages of using a futon over another piece of furniture is the many different looks you can create with one piece. Its easy to get a futon cover that changes the color and pattern of the piece. This can make the whole futon look like a completely different piece and change the color scheme of the photos you take. Add to this the way that a futon can be adjusted to several different positions, and you have a wide range of looks you can create with this one simple piece. You can position the futon as a couch for photos of models sitting around having fun together, enjoying deep conversation. Add some decorations and a model as the DJ, and you have the perfect atmosphere for a scene of models socializing at a party. Add a potted plant and a coffee table, and the futon can now act as the center of a living room where a happy family gathers, or you can take it outside to take seated photos of models with the beauty of nature as a backdrop. When you slide the futon into the flat position, you now have a perfect bed for photos of a bedroom with models resting, a studio for models doing yoga, a happy couple sleeping the night away or models relaxing in bed reading a book. Use different colored futon covers with each positioning, and there is no way for viewers of your photo to know that it is really the same piece of furniture.

Another advantage for photographers is the small size and easy storage of a futon, which makes it easier to work with than a couch or a bed. Many photographers work in a small space and having props that can easily be moved is vital. Placing an actual couch or a bed in your space creates a permanent setup that is hard for you to diversify in photos. Having a futon gives you the look of these furniture pieces without the permanence. When folded up, a futon can easily be stored in closet or against a wall until it is needed again. Its also light and easy for you or an assistant to carry to different locations or reposition for different images within the same shoot. Some futons, from retailers that specialize in modular furniture, are made to be as compact and light as possible to make moving them as easy as it can be.

Futons are a great choice for use in photography modeling sessions, where they can be a diverse aid to any photographer.