Hailing from the heart of Quebec, Jen Musolf is a world traveler, professional photographer, and part-time blogger. With over two decades of professional experience, she has a profound handle on the ins-and-outs of event photography. Recommended by hundreds of happy clients, she is sure to be the right photographer to capture your next big event.

These days, Jen resides predominately in Washington D.C., the lively capital of the United States. Though you won’t find her there very long! In her spare time, Jen loves to travel and experience the diverse cultures that the world has to offer. She’s all over the world from Argentina to Japan, India to South Africa, and beyond.

Jen uses her blog as an outlet for her more creative photographic side – photos of her travel, of nature, and the beauty of life. She can’t be all business, after all! Take a look around, and make sure to get in touch with Jen if you’d like to apply for photographs of an upcoming event.